Hello everyone! The blog has been quiet for a while but for a good reason. After a few interesting incidents, like one of my posts going viral all around the world, I decided that I no longer wanted this to be merely a personal space but something more than that: a platform to share my... Continue Reading →

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(In)Justice of Thomas Fire & What is there to fight for?

As I am trying to draft a better personal statement for my PhD applications that are due this week, I look out the window and watch the grim environment for a while: Ash on the floor, ash everywhere - maybe I should have taken in my bike rather than letting it get covered by asbestos-containing,... Continue Reading →

Anti-Intellectualism’s Silent War on Women

There has already been a greater anti-intellectualism movement slowly taking over our daily discourses. Republicans say college education is bad for the US; a presidential candidate says he loves uneducated people; the president of a university in Turkey says on live TV that the country needs an uneducated generation... But in this specific case, a particular type of hostility to intellectualism targets women by instilling a fear of undesirability, and men by instilling a sense of threat to their masculinity.

The Swastika in the Metro

Never a morning person, I initially assumed it was a funny shaped plus sign. "Ugh, these kids, they just like scratching public goods." I thought to myself. But after a few seconds, I noticed the hooks at the tips. I have read so many news about swastikas appearing in public spaces since Trump came to power, but that was the first time I saw one with my own eyes.

The Day I Witnessed War

Image Source: Pinterest That beautiful afternoon, everyone was having a wonderful time. As I looked around the room, I saw only happy faces, smiling, eating snacks, chatting, flirting... I could also see the Sun outside the window right across the room, slowly descending to the horizon between the other long buildings. I wondered what floor... Continue Reading →

Cats of Istanbul: A Fragmented Society’s Last Bit of Hope for Healing

Yazının Türkçesine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. The movie Kedi is finally on screen in Santa Barbara! I have been looking forward to watching it for the last few months, though I was also worried that it might disappoint me somehow, which is partially my fault. It simply meant more than a movie for me - more like... Continue Reading →

As a Turkish Citizen, I Have No Sympathy for the Turkish Protesters in the Netherlands

Yazının Türkçesini burada okuyabilirsiniz. These two weeks have been a bumpy ride, to say the least, for the Turkish government in terms of foreign policy. First, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attacked Germany, calling them Nazis, and now he did the same for the Netherlands following the cancellation of the Foreign Minister's plane's landing permit and the... Continue Reading →

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